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  • Scranton Delegation to 2018 NPM Convention

    Fourteen church musicians from our Diocese recently attended the 41st Annual Convention of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians in Baltimore, Maryland.  The theme of the convention was “Praise, Grow, and Serve,” and thousands of liturgical musicians from all over the country as well as abroad participated in the event. The gathering featured keynote presentations by the Most Reverend Frank J. Caggiano, Sr. Joyce Ann Zimmerman, ValLimar Jansen, Robert Feduccia, and Rev. Mr. Thom Winninger, as well as institutes for musical and pastoral ministry, workshops by prominent liturgical composers, concerts and exhibits.


  • Looking to Have a Workshop for Your Liturgical Ministers?

    Are your cantors or choir members in need of training on the basics of the ministry? Could your lectors or extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion use a "refresher" course or a day of reflection? Board Members of the Scranton Chapter of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians are here to help and are willing to travel to provide a workshop or session for your parish ministers.  Some potential topics include:

    • Choir Basics: Making the Most of Out of What You’ve Got
    • The Body of Christ: Our Identity and Purpose
    • Reading vs. Proclaiming: The Role of the Lector
    • Fostering Sung Prayer: Synchronizing the Organist, Cantor, Choir and Assembly
    • Not Just a Pretty Voice: The Cantor as a Leader of Prayer

    Please contact David Baloga at 570-207-2213, ext. 1158 or at David-Baloga@dioceseofscranton.org to discuss how we can help address your parish’s needs. 

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